New teacher: It’s all worth it

Published 12:05 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of stories about teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.


Andalusia Elementary School Fourth grade teacher Greeley Weeks has some advice for college students struggling in their last semester and it is to hang in there.

Greeley Weeks and her little brother Hudson Foshee on the first day of school.
Courtesy photo

“All of the lesson plans and early morning alarms will be worth it.” Weeks said. “You think you are becoming a teacher to teach children and change their lives, but ultimately they will be the ones teaching you and forever changing your life. Teaching will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”

This is Weeks’ first year teaching out of college. She graduated from Troy University and got a job straight out of college at Andalusia Elementary School.

“I have always enjoyed school as a child, mostly because I was blessed with some awesome teachers,” Weeks said. “As I got older I enjoyed working with children as I worked as a vacation bible school leader and working at the dance studio here in town.”

Her students are the main reason why Weeks shows up to work every day.

“I do my best to brighten their day with compliments and silly jokes, even though I’m pretty sure they laugh at me more than they laugh with me,” Weeks said. “It has been so awesome to watch them grow over the past year, academically and personally. This is my first group and they will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

Being a elementary school teacher has its challenges, Weeks said.

“Being a first year teacher it took me a while to develop reasonable expectations for my fourth graders,” Weeks said. “By now I am much more relaxed in my classroom, but that does not mean I do not have high expectations. Over the year I was able to better understand their minds and abilities.”

Weeks said that without her coworkers she would be completely lost.

“Do not hesitate to ask for help,” Weeks said. “Your coworkers will become some of your best friends.”

Weeks considers herself to be very fortunate to work with the youth of America.

“AES is a Leader In Me school so each school year we begin teaching the seven habits of becoming a highly effective person, and reiterate those habits throughout the year,” Weeks said. “I think it is so important for students to learn and acquire these leadership skills so that they will be better prepared for their future.”

AES Principal Alane Brunson said that Weeks cares about her students.

“She works to meet the academic and personal needs of her students,” Brunson said. “We are glad to have Mrs. Weeks on our team at AES.”

Outside of educating the future of America, Weeks enjoys spending time outdoors.

“Whether it be playing with my dogs, fishing, being on the lake or just sitting on my backporch, I am just happy to be outside,” Weeks said.

Weeks is also involved with the Andalusia Junior Women’s Club.

She was also a part of the LBW Community College Ensemble where she met her husband, Taylor Weeks. The two got married in December of last year.