Did newspaper agree with president?

Published 12:43 am Saturday, May 12, 2018

I never thought I would see such a profound cartoon in “my” Andalusia Star-News. The cartoon poses the question “What would have made Trump keep the Iran deal?” The answer was “If someone other than Obama had negotiated it.” Surely you did not mean that Trump negated the deal simply because Obamas name is associated with it. If Trump did that I, must agree with you.

I have to believe that there was another interpretation of the answer and that is surely what you meant. And, that is– “No One” but Obama would have cut such a deal. I have to believe that you are simply stating the obvious–and, that any one, even you and/or I, would have done better, and therefore the deal would have been better for the country/world and O. K. with Trump. Surely that is what was meant. I probably just took it wrong.

Besides–an “agreement” that 1) gives all the money in the world to Iran, to be used for nefarious reasons, 2) does not exclude missile development, 3) allows continued uranium enrichment, 4) requires 30 days notification before “Site Inspections” are allowed, 5) denies “Site Inspections” of “Military Installations”, 6) allows them to ramp up again to “full speed’ development of Nuclear Warheads with a full fledged operable delivery system when, the “agreement” expires in the next decade, and 7) could not get approval of congress–could have only been negotiated by the Obama team and is hard to beat.

Am I wrong to assume that any old “Alabama Redneck” like us could have done better or am I to believe that Covington, County, in The Great State of Alabama, overwhelmingly voted to elect Donald Trump who is so shallow and ignorant as to abrogate an “agreement” of such import to the world only because he has disdain for the person and not the product.

Am I wrong in my assumption that “anyone” other than Obama would have done better? Did you just unwittingly or purposefully, for the first time, agree with your president on something.

Congratulations. Well done and thanks finally for “Fair and Balanced.”


Kylan Lewis