Parents treated to night out

Published 1:34 am Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Covington County Department of Human Resources celebrated National Foster Care Month by hosting a Foster Parent Night Out on Saturday night.

The Andalusia High School Peer Helpers, along with volunteers from the DHR and Bethany Baptist Church helped baby-sit foster kids as their parents went out to eat.

“I think all of the parents really appreciated what we did,” Resource and Adult Service Supervisor Natalie Pinson said. “There were no kids at their dinner, and I think they just had a very special night.”

Pinson said that 17 couples showed up to the event and brought 20 kids.

“The volunteers really did a great job with the kids,” Pinson said. “They played games, made crafts, watched a movie and ate supper.”

Covington County’s foster parents are some of the most caring and strongest people in Covington County, Pinson said.

“They begin this journey thinking that they will change the foster child’s life,” Pinson said. “They do impact the child’s life greatly, but the statement I hear most from them is ‘This child has changed our lives.’ This is a testament of their willingness to be impacted through all the emotions that being a foster parent can bring.”

Pinson said that years ago, she was told that Covington County would never be able to get many foster parents in the county. They have now grown from eight homes to 31.

“We have had strong recruitment efforts and influence from our current foster parents, but 31 homes are still not enough to care for the 58 children we have in foster care,” Pinson said. “We have even more children who are at risk of coming into foster care at any moment.”

The Foster Night Out will wind up the events for the DHR for the month of May.

Pinson said that the following businesses and local people made Saturday night possible: SHAW Industries; Macie Hamilton Jessie, Attorney at Law; Diana Mock, Attorney at Law; Rod Sylvester, Attorney at Law; District Judge Julie S. Moody; David’s Catfish House; Golden Rule Barbeque and Grill of Andalusia; CJ’s Grille; the Andalusia High School Peer Helpers; and Bethany Baptist Church.

“We are so thankful for those who wanted to recognize our foster parents,” Pinson said.