Andalusia BOE does year-end personnel work

Published 1:17 am Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Andalusia Board of Education made a number of personnel decisions Monday night.

State law requires the board to make any decisions to non-renew personnel, or to transfer personnel, before the last day of school.

The board accepted resignations from:

  • Sonia Wallace, AHS special ed teacher, who is leaving for another job.
  • Tammy Pickard, AJHS science teacher, who is retiring.
  • Alane Brunson, AES principal, who is retiring.
  • Allison Stroud, AES special ed teacher, who is leaving for another job.
  • Jenny Watson, Central Office preschool teacher, who is retiring.
  • Maklyn Hudson, AHS English teacher.
  • Adam Helms, AHS physical ed teacher. Helms also was an assistant football coach.


The board non-renewed:

  • Yvette Akridge, AJHS eighth grade math teacher
  • Stephanie Davis, AES special ed paraprofessional
  • Paula Wilson, AES special ed paraprofessional
  • Anthony Clark, AHS teacher and basketball coach.


The board granted tenure to:

  • Brad Goldman, AHS social studies teacher.
  • Trent Taylor, AHS athletic director.
  • Candace Williams, AHS math teacher.
  • Amanda Hutton, AES fourth grade teacher.
  • Bonnie Lee, AES kindergarten teacher.
  • Alexa Padgett, AES pre-K enrichment teacher.
  • Vanessa Snider, AES fourth grade teacher.
  • Brittany Woodall, AES fifth grade teacher.
  • Brenda Johnson, AES assistant principal.
  • Gina Kuhn, AES special ed teacher.
  • Ray Wilson, Central office, alternative school administrator.


The board transferred:

  • Jody Adams from AES special ed techer to AHS special ed teacher.
  • Tina Rogers from AHS special ed teacher to AES special ed teacher.
  • Alexa Padgett from AES OSR lead teacher to ACS preschool teacher.



The board hired:

  • Denise Pearce, AHS math teacher.
  • Dina Thigpin, AHS English teacher.
  • Auburn Carrier, AES OSR lead teacher.


The board also named AES cafeteria worker Jennifer Burgans the AES cafeteria manager.

The board granted a leave of absence to Amy Norris, AES special ed paraprofessional.