Computer engineering is Morrow’s UA goal

Published 1:20 am Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Red Level High School valedictorian Ramsey Morrow has always looked up to multi-billionaire computer wiz, Bill Gates, and hopes to follow his path of success.

“I have always admired Bill Gates,” Ramsey said. “Just his story about coming from nothing and working his way to the top. I really relate to that.”

Morrow’s mother was his biggest motivation to become valedictorian.

“All throughout my life my mom has been there pushing me to be the best,” Morrow said. “And it happened.”

Morrow is very involved in several extra-curricular activities including Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Jobs for American Graduates, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, student council, being the senior class president, being an ambassador and being a line judge for the high school volleyball team.

Morrow said that he and Salutatorian Dylan Scruggs have been in competition ever since elementary school.

“We have always been neck and neck with everything that we do,” Morrow said. “We were always the ones winning the awards in elementary school and it just transitioned into us competing in high school.”

In Morrow’s spare time, he plays video games and doing parkour, which is the sport of trying to get around various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible as by jumping, flipping or climbing.

“I guess I’m just like any other avid high schooler,” Morrow said. “I enjoy playing video games and parkour, they are my two passions.”

After graduation, Morrow plans to attend the University of Alabama and major in computer science engineering.

“The long term goal is to work as a programmer,” Morrow said. “Hopefully for a big name company like Google or Microsoft.”

Morrow is the son of Stephanie Dubose and Eric Morrow. His grandparents are Randy and Theresa Castleberry and Rosa Lee Castleberry.