For a few hours, all talk was of love

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sometimes we, all of us living, breathing humans, need a dose of fantasy, fairytale and love. We got a heaping helping of that this past weekend in the form of a royal wedding.

Before you start with the whole — it was a B-list actor marrying a man who is way down the line when it comes to being king some day — I DON’T CARE. It was a magical wedding on a picture-perfect day, and it was a reprieve from the crazy reality television loop that is the daily news in this country.

While I didn’t get up in the wee hours to watch the event, I did see the entire replay Saturday on PBS. Yes, I was excited to see “the dress.” I’ll admit I got a little teary when the groom mouthed the words, “you look amazing” as his bride joined him at the altar.

Again, in the craziness of the world right now, it was nice to focus on sweet children walking down the aisle of a beautiful chapel. For a little while, I forgot about the horror of school shootings, volcanoes erupting, nuclear weapons, special prosecutors, nonsensical tweets…

Maybe that sounds selfish, but I needed the break. The world needed the break. And, it appears billions of people agreed and tuned in to watch the “I dos.”

However, the bride and groom obviously cared about more than a gorgeous designer gown and smart military attire. Oh no, they had, and sent, a message about what is in their hearts as they start their life as a married couple.

That was apparent looking at the guest list. Sure, there were celebrities, famous sports figures and their royal relatives in attendance. But, sprinkled amongst the rich and famous were a number of people representing charities and organizations dedicated to doing good in the world. They were there because what they stand for and are trying to accomplish mattered to the two people vowing to love, honor and cherish.

Secondly, they chose Bishop Curry head of the American Episcopal Church, to speak during the ceremony. And speak he did. He took the opportunity to share a message about the importance and power of love to touch everything. His voice, powerful and clear, reminded everyone that loving God and each other ignites a fire that can change the world.

I wanted him to ask and everyone present to respond — “And all the people said Amen!” When the voices of a gospel choir singing “Stand By Me,” followed that message, it was clear this wedding and this couple were something very different and unique.

Long before this bride met her groom, she spoke out for equality, inclusion and yes, love. Prince Harry is also a crusader for positive change. It will be interesting to see what they do as a team.

Yes, I know it costs lots of money to put on a royal wedding. Sure, that money could go to other causes. But so could what our country will probably spend on a military parade in the fall.

If I were choosing, I’d pick funding an event focused on love over marching troops. (Don’t say I do not appreciate soldiers and their service. I do, but I think there are better ways than a parade to show it).

Anyway, I stand by what I said at the start of this column. Sometimes humans need a dose of fairytale and fantasy in their lives. And a day dedicated to love, (not just the romantic kind) is never a bad thing.

Ah, the wedding is done, and now, hopefully, comes the happily ever after. As all of us who watched with our hearts on our sleeves return from once upon a time, I hope we bring back some of the magic. And maybe as we see this couple sharing their love for each other and for others through their charitable work, it will inspire us.

Who knows, we could light a fire that changes this world.


Nancy Blackmon is a former newspaper editor and a yoga teacher.