Local Democrats use direct mail, offer rides to polls

Published 12:24 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Covington County’s Democrats are pushing hard to get people out to the polls today, and are even offering free transportation.

“Giving rides to people that can’t get to the polls has always been a traditional thing,” Hubbard said. “This year we have been much more public about it though.”

Hubbard said that the party sent out more than 300 post cards encouraging people to vote.

“We are getting a lot of interest,” Chairperson Harriet Hubbard said. “We are encouraging people to go to our Facebook page and our website so they can learn more about voting.”

The postcards have information on when the elections are, when and where the Covington County Democrats meet and a phone number to call if someone needs a ride to the polls.

Hubbard said that one way they are revitalizing the Democratic Party in Covington County is by getting the word out.

“We are constantly inviting people to our meetings,” Hubbard said. “Word of mouth is always the best to get the word out, and we also have a website and all of the social medias. We are definitely trying to move forward in the age of technology.”

Hubbard said that they are trying to get more young people to get out to the polls.

“Young voters are the future of our political system,” Hubbard said. “We need to encourage them that every vote counts.”

She said that by working with the Covington County Grassroots Alliance, they went into different high schools and registered 95 high school seniors to vote.

“We didn’t push any agendas or sides,” Hubbard said. “We just wanted to make sure that they were educated on voter registration.”

Hubbard said that they have not gotten any calls about transporting anyone to the polls, but she is not worried.

“We haven’t gotten any calls yet,” Hubbard said. “But we are expecting to get a lot in the morning and then transport people in the afternoon to the polls. I honestly will be surprised if there isn’t a good turnout tomorrow.”

The Covington County Democrats meet the first Monday of each month at the Covington County Commissioners office at 6 p.m.