No more concession stand work? Not so fast

Published 12:30 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Andalusia High School parents who had heard a rumor they might not have to do concession stand work anymore, shouldn’t cross that off of their to-do list yet.

Local resteraunteur John Tomberlin had expressed an interest in contracting with the system to run concessions in the new football stadium, and was scheduled to make a presentation to the board Monday.

However, Superintendent Ted Watson told board members that Tomberlin had declined the opportunity.

“He has since gotten with the Band Boosters and found out their take,” Watson said. “Between coming to a dollar amount there, and considering potential health department issues, it was going to be an expensive endeavor. At this time, he said there is no point in pursuing.”

Alabama Health Department rules are not as stringent for volunteer groups as for restaurants. If a restaurant leases a space like a concession stand, it must meet all of the same standards and qualifications for equipment as in a restaurant.