Emails changing July 15th

Published 12:37 am Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mediacom details transition plan for addresses

Mediacom Communications is notifying its customers that the AndyCable email conversion is now in its countdown phase, and email messages sent or received using an AndyCable email address will no longer be accessible as of July 15.

That date applies to residential email customers. Business customers will be notified of a separate upcoming date when AndyCable addresses for commercial email accounts will cease to be valid.

Mediacom officials are asking customers to watch for an important message being sent by email between June 8 and June 16 to AndyCable email account holders. The message provides instructions to create a Mediacom ID email address and password if Mediacom is the individual’s current internet service provider.

Creation of a new Mediacom email account is a necessary step that must be completed by every customer still using their AndyCable email address. Mediacom Area Operations Director Lisa Wagoner describes this action as the transition step that is “absolutely critical from a customer perspective.”

“The process of creating a Mediacom ID email address will transition the user’s current AndyCable email data into the Mediacom system,” Wagoner said. “For Mediacom customers who use AndyCable email, July 15 is the date when we will transfer information to the customer’s new Mediacom email account – including current and future emails, and all address book data.”

Wagoner emphasized that this transfer can only occur if customers first take the step to link their AndyCable email addresses to their Mediacom account. “We ask customers to promptly complete this process after they receive a Mediacom instructional email.”

As part of the step-by-step process, customers create a new Mediacom ID which consists of an email address starting with a name or words chosen by the user and ending with the ISP identifier: The new Mediacom email address will be visibly apparent once the transition begins.

“To make that all-important merger between the old system and the new, we’re asking people to click on the link in the Mediacom email message, enter the 16-digit Mediacom account number displayed on their billing statements, and follow the on-screen instructions.” Wagoner explained. “It’s a straight-forward process with easy instructions. The key is to complete the steps this month, as soon as they receive the Mediacom email message.”

The email migration is the final phase of a broader transition Mediacom began in early 2017 after it purchased AndyCable.