Hydrant upgrade begins tomorrow, some water will be off

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Andalusia Fire Department and the Andalusia Utilities Board’s Water Department are teaming up to upgrade several old fire hydrants in the coming weeks, and Water/Sewer Operations Manager Tim Glisson said that this could lead to several streets losing water for several hours at a time, beginning tomorrow, Thursday, June 21.

“A lot of these older fire hydrants are as old as 1942,” Glisson said. “So it is time to upgrade them.”

Glisson said that several of the old fire hydrants do not have individual isolation valves to shut off water flow.

“This will require shutting off valves on the water mains that serve various streets and neighborhoods to allow crews to install a new isolation valve for each new fire hydrant installation,” Glisson said. “Water main valves will not be shut off before 9 a.m. though.”

The first fire hydrant to be upgraded is located at the intersection of Henderson Street and Sixth Avenue.

Glisson said that there will be six different fire hydrants that will need to be upgraded, but they are taking the project one at a time.

“The purpose behind this is to ensure that all of our customers will be given the best fire hydrants,” Glisson said. “And we want to minimize the inconvenience to all our customers.”

Streets that could be affected on Thursday are:

  • Henderson Street
  • Sixth Avenue
  • Chapman St.
  • Montezuma Street
  • Fourth St.
  • Highland Avenue
  • Northview Drive
  • Fourth Street
  • Bradley Avenue (South)
  • Coleman Avenue (South)
  • Berry Avenue (South)
  • First Avenue (High School)
  • Ray Avenue
  • Pecan St.
  • Lorring Avenue
  • Kathryn Street

For more information call Tim Glisson at 334-222-5036.