Commission asked to add subdivision to paving priorities

Published 12:39 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Marie Luker petitioned the Covington County Commission on Tuesday in an attempt to get Hideaway Harbor Subdivision added to the county’s priority list for paving.

Hideaway Harbor Subdivision has 22 homes and 99 lots, and she said.

Luker said that when it rains the mud from the dirt road makes it hard to drive, and that the county has not been able to come regrade the road in a long time.

“We feel like we are bringing in lots of revenue to the county,” Luker said. “And we want to maintain our community.”

Commission Chairman Greg White said that the county has a long list of roads that need to be paved and that there are several things they look at to consider a road qualified to be on the list.

“We look at a lot of things,” White said. “The cost, traffic and houses on the street, to name a few. We will have to look and see if there can be something done, because money is extremely tight.”

Luker said that she has 81 names on a petition to get the road paved and she gave the petition to the commission.