Letter: Small children can’t help themselves

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dear editor,

You know what? I can’t believe what is happening to little old children. They are brought into this old world and don’t know what will happen to them some day. What do parents think these days? Bring these children into the world, then the parents are not thinking or don’t care. Just think of how many of these kids have died for not being taken care of.

Leaving them in these cars by themselves as hot as it is, and then when they come back, their kids are dead.

Some are being killed on purpose in the house. Leave them locked up in the house with no water, or nothing to eat. Why do the women have kids if later on they are killed? Have to go through all nine months having them, and then later on, t hey are being mistreated. You know what? Maybe they should be done the same way to see how it feels. These kids cannot help themselves, just have to take what follows. You know, I feel for all kids. Me and Newton never did have kids. But you know what? I love kids better than anything.

So, parents, unless you can’t help yourself, think twice before you all go through again. The kids can’t help themselves. You know, some nights I sit down and look at Newton’s pictures and cry about them kids that are being mistreated. You all think again about this. These kids can’t help what they go through.

Some one that cares,

Barbara Sue Dennis