Grant to fund improvements at Point A

Published 2:22 am Thursday, July 12, 2018

Safety and the public are the only things on Eric Johnson’s mind as he makes renovations to the Point A recreation park with the help of a $40,000 grant from PowerSouth.

Johnson said that the grant for this year will be used to update the recreation area of the park.

“We are going to pull out and upgrade all of the playground equipment,” Johnson said. “As well as extending the beaches, to give people more room to have fun, and bordering the swimming area to make it a little safer for people swimming.”

Johnson took over management of the park in 2016 and has been working tirelessly to improve its conditions ever since.

Along with the recreation area, Johnson plans to make renovations to the R.V. park.

“We are going to get some space available for R.V.s,” Johnson said. “There will be storage available for long term campers.”

Johnson wants to make the park a safer place, as well as building up its reputation.

“We need to upgrade the recreation area and clean up the boat ramps,” Johnson said. “I think families will come back and enjoy it if we do that.”

At the Covington County Commission meeting Tuesday, the commission gave permission to Johnson to begin working on these projects.