Authement’s outfits are tournament hit

Published 9:05 am Saturday, July 14, 2018

Snazzy suits and over the top outfits are a tradition Chris Authement said as he participated in his 20th World Championship Domino Tournament on Friday.

“Every year I change the suit,” Authement said. “I love to have a variety.”

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Authement said that one year he did not wear a suit and people kept asking him what was wrong.

“Every one was like, ‘Where’s your suit?’” Authement said. “So after that I guess I had to keep the tradition going every year.”

The Andalusia Rotary Club sponsors the annual event, now in its 43rd year.

Authement said that the game of dominos is very close to his heart.

“My grandparents who were both siblings of ten, are from Andalusia” Authement said. “My grandpa introduced me to the game and I just fell in love with the whole homey atmosphere of the World Championship Domino Tournament.”

Dominos came naturally to Authement, who already was great with numbers.

“I think the game came naturally to me,” Authement said. “But the thing that I love the most about the game is the camaraderie of it. This tournament is more about people coming together than it is about dominos.”

Authement has worn several outfits for the two day tournament including a purple and yellow suit in support of Louisiana State University, a completely green tux and this year he sported an American flag bandana, neck tie and sports jacket.

“I think I will always keep Andalusia close to my heart,” Authement said. “So I’ll always come back for this.”

Right now, Authement is living in Nashville to try his hand at stand-up comedy and to try and get on the World Series of Poker Circuit.

The World Championship Domino Tournament will continue today with registration starting at 6:30 a.m., and the doubles tournament starting at 8 a.m.

Rotarian Jennifer McClung said that everything went well on Friday.

“I think everything went really smooth,” McClung said. “We had a good turnout of around 100 people and I think we will get that many again on Saturday.”