Improvements planned for utilities, streets

Published 1:25 am Friday, July 20, 2018

Two utilities improvement projects will also mean improved street conditions, the Andalusia City Council learned Thursday.

In a previous meeting, the council agreed to pursue grant funds to help with a major paving project in the city. But Thursday they learned that many of the streets fall in areas where utilities improvements are planned in the next 12 months. And those plans call for resurfacing streets, Tim Glisson of the Andalusia Utilities Board said.

The first project, which currently is under way, includes improvements to water mains and sewerage services in the following areas:

  • 2nd Street (8th Ave. – Oak Street)
  • 3rd Street (8th Ave. – Oak Street)
  • Oak Street (#rd Street to College Street)
  • 8th Street (2nd Street – 3rd Street)
  • 9th Street (2nd Street – 3rd Street)

Mayor Earl Johnson said that in this project and a second, larger project, plans include paving the portions of the streets where utilities work is being done.

The second project is part of a long-term, two-part plan to extend the life of the city’s sewerage treatment plant. The project will repair sewerage lines in the south part of the town known as the south basin. On rainy days, rain water seeps into the sewerage lines, greatly increasing the water flowing through the sewerage treatment plant.

The project involves lining the existing sewerage lines with a material to prevent leaks. But in places where the lines have collapsed, the lines will be dug up and replaced. Once that work is done, the streets will be repaired, Johnson said.

The second project has not yet been bid, but is expected to include Simmons Street, Jackson Street, Rankin Street, Riley Street, King Street, Auburn Avenue, Carlton Street, and Little Street.

The project is expected to be bid in the fall, and work will likely begin in 2019, Johnson said.

The council agreed to pursue funds for a smaller paving project that will address streets not included in these projects