Letter: Patriotism lives in Covington County

Published 9:27 am Saturday, July 21, 2018

I am pleased to report that I have witnessed first-hand that patriotism lives in Covington County, Alabama. I observed this while working as a poll clerk in the Andalusia District during the last two elections.  I was truly impressed.

Older citizens came to the polls carefully teetering under their own power or riding in wheelchairs. They came holding on to walkers or canes. They came holding on to the arms of loved ones that were often times as old, or older, than they were. They came clutching the arm of an adult child or an able-bodied friend. The physically challenged persons came using their crutches, riding their scooters, or following their guide dogs. Using whatever or whomever they had to use to get there, they came.

As I watched the many that came, I thought about the effort they had to put forth to get to the polls to cast their vote. Voting was important to them. They wanted to help choose the next governmental leaders. I was not only impressed, but also humbled by their efforts.

The pastor of my church recently preached a sermon on the two biggest problems facing America. He identified the problems as “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” Sadly, for many people today, that is true in all realms of their lives. However, when we consider the support of the democratic process by casting votes in an election, the older adults in Covington County certainly have the right perspective. They know, and they care!

They were willing to make the effort, often times Herculean in nature, to come to the polls to cast their vote. They know and understand the importance of voting to maintain our democracy. They feel that it is their responsibility as a citizen to come to the polls, and they truly believe that their vote matters.

I salute all of the voters that made the effort to come to support their candidates. I salute the elderly, the physically challenged, and the ones who made it possible for elderly and the physically challenged voters to come to the polls. I am reminded by their efforts that we cannot take our way of life for granted.

I am thankful that I have had this reminder that patriotism lives in the hearts and minds of our citizens, especially the older citizens. I pray that this reminder will stir the conscience of all citizens so that they will feel the necessity to make the effort that has been modeled by our elderly voters and exercise both their right and their privilege to vote. Our way of life may one day depend on that effort.

Louise Anderson