Volunteers making progress on church

Published 8:55 am Saturday, July 21, 2018

Church members, Christian building groups should have new church ready in October

Volunteers keep rotating in to help the congregation of Buck Creek Baptist Church make their new sanctuary a reality.

For weeks, volunteers in Christian building groups have been assisting with the construction of the new church. Pastor Tyler Ingram said that the estimated finish date should be in October.

“Hopefully we will be able to start having services there in October,” Ingram said. “We will get the sound and video guys in September 20, and that will be the last thing to do.”

A group from the Baldwin County Baptist Association was here this past week to help hang the drop ceiling and to clean up around the church.

Ingram said that everything is starting to become real with the sheet rock up.

“We started putting the sheet rock up with the Builders for Christ from South Texas and Kings Grant, a church out of Virginia,” Ingram said. “The sheet rock has made a world of a difference. It is starting to feel real.”

Ingram plans to start painting and priming by the end of next week.

Ingram said the best thing about the project is learning to trust God more.

“I am learning to trust God more and more throughout the project,” Ingram said. “When we don’t meet deadlines, or we worry about money, we know that there is a reason for it and we just have to trust him.”

Watching the churchgoers help with the project is another thing that has inspired Ingram.

“They have been so amazing,” Ingram said. “They have all come out to help and look at the church. They are really excited to be there.”