Published 12:05 am Friday, August 10, 2018

The 2017 season didn’t go the way the Tigers wanted, but Red Level looks to turn some heads as they prepare to open up the 2018 season.

“We have had some pretty good days so far,” Red Level head coach Kenny Skipper said of fall practice. “So far, we have had three good days. We have been lucky that the weather hasn’t gotten us yet. On Monday, we went in the morning and were able to get out before it stormed.”

This week, the Tigers have been focused on getting personnel in the right places.

“We have been doing a lot of work on special teams and getting people in the right places,” Skipper said. “We’ve pretty much got that now. We weren’t allowed to go shells until Wednesday so we have been focusing on stuff that doesn’t involve contact. We have a lot of guys that are playing receiver and quarterback, receiver and running back or running back and quarterback so we are trying to figure out who fits the best.”

Skipper said that he has been impressed with what he has seen from his players.

“This group of guys works their tails off,” Skipper said. “We have six seniors and some of them didn’t play last year. We have a big group of sophomores also so we are a little inexperienced, but they make up for it by the way they work. When they are here, they come to work. I’ve been most impressed with their work ethic. Last year, we had three guys that didn’t miss a single summer workout. This year, we had over 40 percent that didn’t miss a single workout this summer.”

One of the biggest things they have to continue to improve on is their physicality.

“With a group like we have, we have to focus on being more physical,” Skipper said. “We got better at that during the spring, but that is something that we are always going to stress.”

Red Level will open the season at home against Zion Chapel on Aug. 31.