Storm damages iconic downtown building

Published 12:02 pm Saturday, August 11, 2018

A storm system that blew through the county early Friday evening took two windows out of the Timmerman building on the Court Square.

Andy Wiggins, director of planning for the city, said the street between the Timmerman building and the law offices of Mike Jones is closed at least until Monday.

When the windows fell, he said, they took down a strand of the decorative lights between the two buildings, and left glass in the street.

“We’ll have to take the lights down to get a lift truck to the windows,” Wiggins said. “Until we can do that and check all of the other windows, we are keeping the street closed for safety.

The ground floor of the historic building currently is being renovated to become the home of Milky Moo’s, and ice cream and coffee shop.

Opp residents reported power outages resulting from the storm.