She brings experience from business to class

Published 1:09 am Thursday, August 16, 2018

After nine years of owning a convenient store in Opp and owning several small businesses, Emily Dorsey, Opp High School’s new career tech teacher, hopes to use her knowledge of art and creativity to help students in choosing their career field.

Dorsey graduated from Opp High School in 1998, and earned her bachelor’s degree in art from Troy University in 2004. After graduating from Troy, she has been working several different jobs from making t-shirts, embroidering and design, and then owning a convenient store in Opp.

Dorsey said that she was not looking to become a teacher, but was excited to land the job at Opp High School.

“I went to Troy strictly for art,” Dorsey said. “And then when I got back to Opp everyone in the school system knew me because I worked a lot around the school doing embroidery and designing things, so when they were looking for a new career tech teacher they asked me.”

Dorsey said that she hopes to use her knowledge to help kids earn jobs in the future.

“One thing that I know is that I know what an employer looks for in an employee,” Dorsey said. “Since I’ve been in the work field for a while, I know that a lot of the basics are what employers want. Coming in on time, putting in the extra effort and having a strong work ethic are some basic things that will be noticed by an employer.”

Dorsey hopes that by the end of the year, her students will leave with a knowledge of design and art.

“When students leave my classroom I hope that they leave with a knowledge of design and art,” Dorsey said. “And for them to be creative and use their imagination.”

Dorsey said that the biggest challenge this year will be getting to know the ins and outs of teaching since this is her first year.

“I know that with this being my first year, there will be some things that I will have to learn along the way,” Dorsey said. “With that being said, I hope that the students will help me learn and will learn with me.”

Dorsey said that she is excited to be in the classroom and that she is ready to show the students what all they can do if they decide that college is not the road for them.

“Opp High School is definitely ahead of the curve in technology,” Dorsey said. “We have brand new embroidery machines, a vinyl machine and all of this new equipment that will keep things hands-on in the classroom. With all of this equipment I hope to show that the students have another option in the future if they want to start their own business.”

Outside of the classroom, Dorsey loves to go to the beach, read and take care of her child.