They thought he said, ‘doggies.’ He dropped off donkeys

Published 1:12 am Thursday, August 16, 2018

But for a misunderstanding, Eeyore and Piglet the donkeys might not be in residence at the Andalusia Animal Shelter awaiting a new home.

“On the phone, it sounded like the owner said ‘I’m bringing two doggies.’ But when he showed up pulling a trailer, we weren’t sure what to think.”

As a general rule, the shelter does not accept large animals.

“We’re not in that business, honestly,” Kayla Cleland said. “I grew up on a farm, so I know how to deal with them. The guy works shut downs, and he was already up here with them and leaving next morning, so I said, ‘We’ll keep them.’ ”

Cleland said the owner told them he had someone interested in them who would come and pick them up, but that person never showed. Meanwhile the donkeys are on hold for a second person who is expected at the shelter today.

“We don’t have the space to house them for very long,” Cleland said.

And unlike the dogs and cats that arrive at the shelter, there won’t be a requirement that they be spayed or neutered.

“We’re just asking that they cover the cost for the food,” she said. “Donkeys don’t populate like dogs and cats.”

As unusual as Eeyore and Piglet are, they aren’t the most unusual critters that have been surrendered at the shelter.

“Oh, we’ve had pigs, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and ferrets,” Cleland said. “Just never donkeys. “

The donkeys arrived at a crowded time. As is the case most summers, Cleland said, the shelter is very full.

“We have tons of dogs to be adopted,” she said.