Anonymous grandparent turns grief into act of kindness

Published 1:25 am Friday, August 17, 2018

When Jasmine Denson went to pick up the cupcakes she’d ordered for her daughter’s 6th birthday, she got an unexpected surprise.

The cupcakes had already been paid for, and the anonymous giver left Denson a note.

Madison celebrated her 6th birthday

“I did this as an act of kindness,” the note read. “God laid it on my heart, as he holds my grandson in his arms. This would have been his birthday. So hold your babies close. They are truly a gift from God. Happy birthday and God bless.”

Denson said she was overwhelmed with emotion when I read the card attached.

“I was happy because it was so kind of them to do, and sad because of the reasoning behind it,” she said. “It definitely changed my perspective on birthdays. It isn’t so much about cake and gifts. Like the card said, we should hold our babies close and cherish the times we have with the people we love.”

Denson said her daughter, Madison, enjoyed the cupcakes with her classmates at Andalusia Elementary.

“I just want the person who did this to know how much we appreciated it,” she said.