Generic vs. name brand: Students decide

Published 12:33 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mrs. Jana Clark’s AHS Family and Consumer Sciences classes are back in full swing for the 2018-2019 school year. The Food and Nutrition class recently analyzed taste, smell, and texture adjectives, quality, and budgeting as they taste-tested generic and name brand food products. Some of the students preferred the generic brands due to the lower price, more quantity, and taste, while others preferred the name brand due to quality.

This class has also begun the ServSafe course in hopes that the students can earn the ServSafe credential at the end of the course.

On Friday, the students completed a scavenger hunt where they acted as inspectors of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to determine the symptoms and foods connected to 22 foodborne illnesses.

The Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) class has also been busy in the Fashion and Apparel unit. To better understand how primary colors make all other colors, the students dyed icing and mixed the icing in order to create a Cupcake Color Wheel. The students also used magazines to complete an assignment titled “Recycled Fashion” to reinforce their knowledge of elements and principles of design. Mrs. Clark likes to emphasize to her students that elements and principles of design does not just apply to fashion or “Home Economics,” but also to art, interior design, and so much more!