Alverson is new assistant principal

Published 12:21 am Thursday, August 23, 2018

After 11 years in the Gwinnett County, Georgia, school system, Opp High School’s new assistant principal, Cindy Alverson, said that she is excited to be back in Covington County and is looking forward to helping students achieve their dreams.

“I am very excited to look into how we can help our students get to the next level,” Alverson said. “It is a very exciting time to get involved in students’ lives in high school because they have so much opportunity.”

This is not the first time Alverson has been in Covington County. Before she moved away to Georgia, she was a math teacher at LBW Community College and worked in the Andalusia City Schools system.

Even after being in the educational field for 30 years, Alverson said that she still enjoys teaching.

“I have always enjoyed teaching,” Alverson said. “At all levels of education, whether that be elementary, high school or college. Teaching itself is always so rewarding, especially when you get to see your students excel academically or in extracurricular activities. Regardless of the level, teaching is always engaging.”

Alverson said that the Opp community has welcomed her with open arms.

“It has been such an easy transition,” Alverson said. “They have been super welcoming. I live in Opp so it is very close by to the school. A lot of people ask me how I’m transitioning from such a big town to Opp, but I always tell them that it is an easy transition because I love the small town feel. The positives of living in a big city don’t out weigh the benefits of a small town community.”

Alverson said that one of her goals this year is to continue to support students academically.

“We know that we are here to help students get to that next step,” Alverson said. “So we have implemented an ACT prep program for juniors. We want to focus on individual students’ goals and support all students and teachers. We have a great staff here, especially with Mr. Hightower as our principal. We want to continue to emulate his vision for Opp High School.”

Alverson said that the biggest challenge for this year will be getting to know all of the students.

“I believe building relationships takes time,” Alverson said. “And with some students, like the seniors, I don’t have that much time. The students need to be able to trust me and to be able to trust takes putting in the time. I think just getting to know everyone in a timely manner will be the biggest challenge this year.”

Outside of the classroom, Alverson’s life is far from typical.

Her youngest daughter, Stella, just moved to New York City to enroll in New York University. Her oldest daughter, Blanche, is a women’s basketball coach at the University of Southern California. And her son, William, is a lawyer in Andalusia with two children of his own. Despite having daughters living on opposite coasts, Alverson said that she is still keeping her priorities straight.

“I have realized that bags won’t always be unpacked,” Alverson said. “And that sometimes the best way to communicate is over FaceTime, but I will always support my students just as much as I support my family. I want my students to have the same opportunity as my children.”