Countdown to home game

Published 2:45 am Saturday, August 25, 2018

AHS students preparing content for new video board

Andalusia High School’s multimedia class is hard at work to make sure that they are prepared to run the school’s new video board at the first home game next Friday.

The class is working with Skip Enzor, owner of Can’tSkipThis, who contracted with the board of education to run the board..

Sara Mixson all of the new equipment is not yet available, but members of the class worked with Enzor on a new hype video that was released this week.

“Hopefully we will get all of our equipment next week,” Mixson said. “And power to the trailer that we will be in on Wednesday of next week.”

The class getting four new cameras, lanyard wireless microphones, interview microphones and a go pro to be used as a fan camera.

“Right now we are using Skip’s equipment,” Mixson said. “That is how we were able to make the hype video.”

The class also plans to make a public service announcement video to inform all Bulldog fans how to park and access the new stadium next Friday night.

“All of the videos will star the students and will be student filmed, with the guidance of Skip, of course,” Mixson said. “On the PSA we will talk about where to park for the game, how to get into the stadium and which areas are restricted in the stadium.”

Mixson said that the class will be responsible for all of the content shown on the video board during the games, so they have been working hard to develop content.

“The kids have been building gifs for the video board,” Mixson said. “Which will be played when there is a first down or touchdown, as well as commercials for all of our sponsors. We are also trying to come up with a lot of hype content so we can get the fans out of their seats.”

Graphical Interchange Format, or GIF for short, is a series of images or soundless video that loops continuously and does not require anyone to press play.

Mixson recently found out that they are also in charge of all music that will be played over the PA, so the students have been choosing songs that will hype the crowd, but also be appropriate.

“We have asked on Facebook about songs that people like,” MIxson said. “And we have also been working hard to make sure that all the songs are approved, because we don’t want to offend anyone.”

Along with controlling the video board, the students will also conduct sideline interviews with players and coaches.

“A lot of what we are doing without equipment is preparing the students for interviews,” Mixson said. “That will be a big part of what we will do, so we want to get them as prepared with these interview skills as possible.”

Mixson said that they will have about 10 kids working during the games to ensure that everything goes right.

“We have about 20 kids in the class, but a lot of those kids are either football players, in band or cheerleaders,” Mixson said. “So we will have about 10 kids running around conducting sideline interviews, getting footage from the game and running the sound board for music over the PA.”

Mixson said that working with Enzor has been great, and that she is excited for this season.

“He is amazing, and his knowledge of cameras and media is really getting us off the ground,” Mixson said. “And working with the students has been a joy as well, they are so creative and have so many great ideas.”

One of the students participating in the PSA video will be Mary Katherine Salter.

“I am really excited to be in the video,” Salter said. “I joined this class because it is my senior year and I wanted to do something different and it has really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities of a career after high school.”

Sophomore Tyler Rowand said that he is considering pursuing a career behind the camera after filming a lot of the videos.

“This class is preparing me for something that I could do after high school,” Rowand said. “Mrs. Mixson is also such a great teacher and is helping us with all of this.”

Mixson said that she is very grateful for the opportunity to teach this class and expose kids to all of the career opportunities when they finish high school.

“This class is a really great thing for the students,” Mixson said. “It is definitely a hands-on learning experience for the students.”

Mixson said that the class will  spend all of next week preparing and practicing for the big game day on Friday when the Bulldogs take on Trinity Presbyterian.