Headland shuts out Straughn

Published 1:53 am Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Straughn Tigers’ season didn’t start the way they wanted as they fell 43-0 to Headland on Friday night in Straughn.
“I don’t think we could have played any worse than we did tonight,” Straughn head coach John Higgins said. “We had a lot of turnovers and just didn’t play very well.”
Turnovers were costly for the Tigers, Higgins said.
“First of all, you can’t have seven turnovers and beat a Pee Wee team,” Higgins said. “We are going to have to work on not turning the ball over.”
Higgins said he didn’t feel like the defense played that badly.

“Our defense was not as bad as it looks,” Higgins said. “When you get
beat by 43, you might think the defense didn’t play very well. It wasn’t great, but they didn’t play terrible.”
The Tigers will have a lot to work on Monday at practice, Higgins said.
“We have a lot that we have to get better on,” Higgins said. “We play a team next week (St. James) that has a chance to win the 3A state championship and we play them there. We have a lot to work on a short to work on it. We really played about as badly as we could have played tonight. One thing though, I didn’t think we laid down, but you can’t beat anyone with seven or eight turnovers.”