Congregation doesn’t know where it will hold church

Published 1:34 am Friday, September 14, 2018

Members of the Freedom Ministries church are still in shock about their place of worship burning to the ground, Pastor Justin Sasser said.

“They are just in shock,” Sasser said. “They are heartbroken because we have put so much work into this place, so reality is starting to sink in.”

The church, which has 40 to 50 members, burned to the ground Tuesday night. It was located on Hwy. 29 north beside the Budget Inn. The building was formerly a restaurant.

Sasser said the church has been at that location since March and before that they were located at New Home Church. As of right now they do not have a new location for the church.

“We have not met since the fire,” Sasser said. “We are still praying about it. We will probably meet sometime before the weekend to talk about our future plans.”

Sasser said that regardless of what happened, the members of the church are still putting their faith in God.

“We know that God is always in control,” Sasser said. “Everyone is in good spirits and we are ready to move forward.”

Editors note: Freedom Ministries has no affiliation to New Home Congregational Church. New Home Congregational Church is still in the same location and was not burned.