2nd graders see ‘Peter and the Wolf’

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Andalusia Ballet presented “Peter and the Wolf” to second graders throughout the county this week. The students traveled to the ballet’s home in the Church Street Cultural Arts Centre, where they got an up-close performance of the classic ballet.

The performances were presented over two days, with two different casts.

Cast members included:

  • Bird – Mia Baumgartner, Sylvie King
  • Peter – Dixon Fite, Drew Carrero
  • Duck – Aliana Anderson, Mallory McGlamory, Piper Bulger
  • Cat – Isabella Kipp, Hanna Fleming, Maddie Jessie
  • Wolf – Robin Correrro
  • Grandpa – Eric Lidh
  • Hunters – Gibson Cray, Drew Carrerro
  • Meadow – Mo’Claire Bradley, Anna Claire Godwin, Greysen Hancock, Megan Jernigan, Sarabeth Tarpley, Piper Bulger, Emma Beth Ennis, Hannah Fleming, Maddie Jessie, Zoey Jones, Mallory McGlamory, Banks Merrill, and Kylie Thomasson.

Teachers received a copy of the Peter and Wolf story, and a list of key arts words to share with their students.

After the performance, students also were given time to ask questions about the performance, the set, and ballet.