Nutcracker cast list announced

Published 9:05 am Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mia Baumgartner will dance the coveted role of Clara, and Lindsey Stephens will dance the role of the the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Andalusia Ballet’s 2018 production of The Nutcracker.

The production is set for Fri., Sat., and Sun., Dec. 7, 8 and 9. The Friday night performance will be followed by a gala for Andalusia Ballet members and supporters.

Andalusia Ballet held try-outs for the roles recently. Artistic director Meryane Martin Murphy said many of the roles are double cast..

“We are looking forward to a great year,” she said.

Cast members include:

  • Drosselmeyer – Eric Lidh
  • Clara – Mia Baumgartner
  • Fritz – Noah Popwell
  • Nurse – Amanda Wardle
  • Nephew/Nutcracker/Prince – Kole Varner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum – Addy Gantt and Robert Foreman
  • Grandfather – Bud Estis
  • Party Parents – Francisco Aguilar*, Sydney Baumgartner, José da Silva**, Ingram Dugger, Kara Foreman, Ethan Ross, Joshua Velazquez***, Laura Wells
  • Party Girls – Piper Bulger, Abby Driver, Mallory McGlamory, Abigail Newman, Logan Pettis, Sara Catherine Sansom, Kylie Thomasson, Kara Wise
  • Little Party Girls – Alyvia Butler, Camryn Smith
  • Tiny Party Girls – Joy Marie Amis, Amelia Anne Murphy, Avery Murphy, Clara Murphy, Evie Cate Murphy, Madelyn Wells
  • Party Boys – Piper Bulger, Gibson Craig, Abby Driver, Alex Gibson, Mallory McGlamory, Abigail Newman, Logan Pettis, Sara Catherine Sansom, Kylie Thomasson, Kara Wise
  • Harlequin Doll – Drew Correro
  • Columbine Doll – Robin Correro
  • Pierrot Doll – Marli Rolling
  • Rat King – Francisco Aguilar*
  • Rats – Dixon Fite, Kaylin Fite, Anna Katherine Livingston
  • Head Mouse – Mo’Claire Bradley
  • Little Mice – Leighton Hancock, Ellie Clare Lankford, MadiBeth Metcalf, Amelia Sansom, Emma Sightler, Mo’Nae Washington
  • Soldiers – Anna Claire Godwin, Mary-Grace Hammett, Greysen Hancock, Megan Jernigan, Maddie Jessie, Madison Norris, Addison Owen, Sarabeth Tarpley, Anna Reese Wells, Anna Williams, Cindy Williams
  • Tree Fairy – Aliana Anderson, Ivy Rogers
  • Snow Queen – Gabby Godwin, Paige Landreneau with Joshua Velazquez***
  • Snowflake Corps – Aliana Anderson, Isabella Burgess, Lucy Dantz, Kaylin Fite, Sarah Forn, Gabby Godwin, Emma Henley, Sophia Jones, Isabella Kipp, Paige Landreneau, Anna Katherine Livingston, Emily Anne Morgan, Ivy Rogers, Lindsey Stephens, Emma Taylor, Emily Ward, Sydney Ward, Hannah Jo Wriston, Sarah Beth Wriston
  • Lead Angel – Emma Taylor, Hannah Jo Wriston
  • Demi-soloist Angels – Aliana Anderson, Isabella Burgess, Kaylin Fite, Isabella Kipp, Anna Katherine Livingston, Ivy Rogers
  • Angels – Brennah Chapman, Ollie DuBose, Eleni Gibson, Lyla Henley, Madison Pate, Amelia Grace Lee, Haylee Marie Little, Cali Parkinson, Lacey Jane Wells, Stella Wells
  • Jesters – Drew Correro, Robin Correro, Marli Rolling
  • Bakers – Madison Davis, Danja Lunsford
  • Candy Canes – Emma Beth Ennis, Hannah Fleming, Finley Hilson, Zoey Jones, Sylvie King, Everly Mack, Banks Merrell, Bella Ralls
  • Spanish – Lucy Dantz, Sophia Jones with José da Silva**
  • Arabian – Emma Henley, Sarah Beth Wriston with Joshua Velazquez***
  • Chinese – Mo’Claire Bradley, Gibson Craig, Drew Correro, Abby Driver, Dixon Fite, Mallory McGlamory, Logan Pettis, Sara Catherine Sansom, Kylie Thomasson, Kara Wise
  • Dragon – Kaylin Fite
  • Lead Russian – Sarah Forn with Ethan Ross
  • Lead Marzipan – Emily Anne Morgan, Emily Ward with Francisco Aguilar*
  • Marzipan Corps – Aliana Anderson, Piper Bulger, Robin Correro, Abigail Newman, Ivy Rogers, Marli Rolling,
  • Mother Ginger – Gina Kerr, Janna Marsh
  • Gingersnaps – Ramsey Bergfeld, Annabelle Cleland, Emma Claire Copeland, Anna Bell Ennis, Aubri Claire Gatlin, Karson Owen, Eden Popwell, Karringtin Weaver, Anslee Claire Wilson, Julianne Wilson
  • Dewdrop – Sydney Ward
  • Flower Corps – Isabella Burgess, Lucy Dantz, Gabby Godwin, Emma Henley, Sophia Jones, Isabella Kipp, Paige Landreneau, Emily Anne Morgan, Emma Taylor, Emily Ward, Hannah Jo Wriston, Sarah Beth Wriston; Understudies: Sarah Forn, Anna Katherine Livingston
  • Sugar Plum Fairy – Lindsey Stephens with José da Silva**

*Courtesy Georgia Ballet

**Courtesy Missouri Contemporary Ballet

***Courtesy Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Note: Roles are subject to change.