Opp council tables action on clean-up ordinance

Published 1:32 am Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Opp City Council on Monday tabled an ordinance that would keep the city clean and hold vacant building owners responsible for their properties.

“This policy and ordinance are chances to begin to correct renters of lower property values, aging housing stock, poor housing standards and availability of quality housing,” Mayor Becky Bracke said. “By implementing this program, the people who rent are ensured to a safe and healthy home available to them. The community gains security by knowing that vacant homes do not harbor squatters and fall victim to vandals.”

Bracke said that his ordinance sets the community’s expectation of fair and safe housing for all citizens.

“It creates the expectation that if you are a non-resident property owner, you must not abandon your responsibility to Opp or the neighborhood,” Bracke said.

The ordinance was on Monday night’s agenda, but council members said they have not had enough time to read the material, so it was tabled until next Monday’s regular meeting.

“This is one step toward building a better place to live,” Bracke said. “I understand that this ordinance is a radical change in policy from our past, and other changes are needed, but we want to show that we have pride in our community.”

Bracke said that there are several things in the ordinance that need to be changed, but they will be ironed out before the meeting next Monday.

“Opp is in decay,” Bracke said. “We have got to pass some ordinances if we want to make some changes to our city. Keep in mind, that these steps and future steps are choices. We can close our eyes and allow things to stay the same, or we can plan and take the steps to build our community back and protect our families’ futures.”