Letter: Reader shares correspondence with Sen. Jones

Published 1:54 am Saturday, October 6, 2018

To the editor:

I just thought the public ought to know.

Last Friday I sent a letter to Sen. Doug Jones, pointing out the holes in Dr. Ford’s testimony and stating, in part:

“There is only one possible conclusion for an intelligent, responsible man of integrity – vote yes for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Be a MAN, be an Alabama MAN, tell Chuckie [Schumer] that you represent Alabama, not New York, tell him you work for the people of Alabama, not the Democratic Party, and announce your intention, to vote Yes, NOW.”

Saturday I got a response stating, in part:

“The Kavanaugh nomination process has been flawed from the beginning and incomplete at the end. However, during her testimony, Dr. Ford was credible and courageous. I am concerned about the message that this vote will be sending to our sons and daughters, as well victims of sexual assault. Therefore, I will be voting no on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

I encourage the President to start a new list of nominees, investigate the individuals on the list thoroughly, and nominate the individual he believes will best serve the interests of justice. The Supreme Court is too important for this process to be rushed.”

Since I sincerely doubt that the senator would be receptive to another letter on the same subject, I submit the following as an open letter to the senator.


Thank you for responding to my letter.

You said, “The Supreme Court is too important for this process to be rushed.” The President nominated Judge Kavanaugh on July 9th – almost three months ago. Senator Feinstein has had the letter from Dr. Ford since sometime in July. Any so-called “rush” is the result of the Senator Feinstein’s failure to be forthcoming with the allegation during all of the interviews and hearings that have gone on for the last two months. Actually, there is no rush here, except the Democratic Party and the liberal media’s rush to judgment against Judge Kavanaugh, whose only actual crime is being nominated by President Trump.

You said, “I am concerned about the message that this vote will be sending to our sons and daughters…” I too am concerned about the message that your “No” vote will send to our sons and daughters.

It will tell our daughters, ”You can say anything, about anybody (at least, any man), at any time, with absolutely no credible evidence, and no corroborating witnesses and you automatically ’deserve to be believed.’”

It will tell our sons, “You are fair game, for the rest of your life, to be charged with anything, by anybody (at least, by any woman), at any time, and even with documentation, even with corroborating witnesses, you will be considered guilty, from the moment the charge is levied, and nothing, not documentation, not 36 years of an exemplary life, not dozens (if not hundreds) of character witnesses can recover your reputation or your career.”

Thank you, Senator, for your part in bringing anarchy to our nation. Thank you, Senator, for your part in destroying our republic. Thank you, Senator, for ripping up the Constitution and replacing it with mob rule.

But what did I expect? We all know how you got elected!

Steven Carroll