It’s homecoming week! APD urges safety

Published 1:45 am Tuesday, October 9, 2018

With rolls of toilet paper already hanging from the trees around the city, the Andalusia Police Department reminds area residents to use precaution and common sense this week.

APD chief Paul Hudson said that homecoming is a tradition and that no other school does homecoming quite like Andalusia High School.

“We fully expect to see homes covered in white tissue paper by daylight on Monday,” Hudson said last week. “For citizens and students of Andalusia, we have a couple of reminders to make sure this week is safe and fun, for everyone:

  • Pay attention for young drivers; young drivers slow down: Students will be out later traveling the city streets this week due to attending homecoming festivities. Young drivers leave your events in plenty of time to make it to your destination. We do not want to work any traffic accidents involving you during one of the most celebratory times in your high school career.
  • “Rolling”: Please be cautious and use good judgment when papering someone’s property. If they don’t want you there, leave. If they ask you to clean it up once caught, clean it up. Do not “roll” public property. Your homecoming picture with your date will be a better souvenir than a mug shot.

Hudson said that the police department will monitor all activities and will act when necessary.

“Our guys answer a lot more calls during this week,” Hudson said. “Usually a lot of people calling and reporting suspicious vehicles.”

Hudson said that there are not any new pranks, but that people need to be respectful for other people’s property.

“In the past we have had some students want to throw eggs at people’s property,” Hudson said. “But lately there have not been any pranks other than rolling. If someone does not want their house rolled then leave them alone.”

With the chance of bad weather during the week, Hudson wants all drivers to drive responsibly and carefully.

“Everybody needs to be mindful of each other on the road,” Hudson said. “Especially with the potential of bad weather, people need to listen for updates on the weather and be mindful. If it gets bad enough, we may close streets so students won’t be able to drive anyway.”

Hudson said that homecoming is a special time and that he wants everyone to have a great time.

“We want everyone to have fun but most of all we want you to be safe and respect the property of others,” Hudson said. “Help us keep our youth safe, streets clean, and citizens and visitors happy. Happy homecoming AHS.”