Opp’s Sweet T’s has busy 1st day

Published 12:12 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Business was booming for Sweet T’s Café and Bakery in Opp on its first day, owner and Chicago native Tamra Williams said.

Williams and her husband, Opp native Lee Williams, started the restaurant after parting ways with the deli area of Country Venue in Opp.

“A lot of people are saying that we are now in two locations,” Williams said. “But that is not true, we are only at the Sweet T’s location.”

Williams said that they delivered to almost three quarters of the businesses in Opp on their first day.

“We were not expecting to be that busy,” Williams said. “Of course, on the first-day people don’t know how busy it is going to be, but we were completely filled and delivered to almost all of the businesses, schools and people in Opp.”

The café and bakery offer free delivery to anyone in the Opp city limits.

“We had our entire building packed and we also had several take-out orders,” Williams said. “You know it is busy when you are missing calls because you are taking so many orders.”

The couple said that they want their business to be known as a family run business.

“We know that this building has had a lot of businesses come in and out,” Williams said. “But we want to stay here for a long time and just be known as a good family run business.”

Williams said that they want to bring back the past with their restaurant.

“We have relatives that owned Zeb’s Cake House here in Opp,” Williams said. “So we will have a lot of original recipes from there. Also, Lee and his sister were in the military, so we want to have an entire wall in the back of the restaurant dedicated to veterans.”

The name Sweet T comes from Williams’ family.

“Every child that I have including me has a ‘T’ that starts their name,” Williams said. “We wanted to keep it in the family.”

Williams said that they want the restaurant to lean more towards lunch, but they do have breakfast available for customers.

“We have a bunch of specialty coffees,” Williams said. “As well as biscuits, which we call Bubba biscuits.”

The restaurant is open Friday through Wednesday from 7 a.m., until 2 p.m.

For their lunch menu, they have several options of sandwiches and burgers, with a choice of chips, fries and onion rings. On their dessert menu, they have several flavors of cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies, muffins, cookies, pound cakes and Danish pastries, all prepared by Sylvia Scholten one of the owners, who went to culinary school at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Wa.

Sweet T’s is located at 205 East Covington Avenue in Opp and can be reached at 334-493-1111.