Hot rolls for non-rollers

Published 3:39 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

Barnes makes good on promise

Patricia “Sister” Barnes made good on a promise yesterday when she delivered dozens of hot breakfast rolls to Andalusia High School.

On October 7, the Sunday before AHS’s homecoming, a photo of Mrs. Barnes holding a sign that read “If you do not roll my house, I will bring hot rolls to your class.”

The rolls she promised are her famous Sister Schubert Rolls. She attached a sign-up sheet on one of the columns at her house.

“It was Chrissie’s idea, and she made the sign,” Mrs. Barnes said, referring to her daughter, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chrissie Duffy. “I left a Sharpie marker for them to use, because I didn’t want anyone’s name to get erased.”

The students were asked to leave their names and the name of their homeroom teacher.

Students in Lauren Maynor’s class pose with their breakfast treat.

At least 12 students owned up to having planned to roll the Barnes’ yard, and those classes received warm cinnamon rolls and sausage rolls on Wednesday.

The bribery system didn’t completely save her yard from toilet paper, but there wasn’t nearly as much this year as in years past, she said.

“You know, some parents stay up all night watching their yards and shooting paint balls to stop people,” she said. “I can’t do that, so I had to work with the weapons I had.”

She was so pleased with the effort she plans to reward the entire student body next year if her yard remains paper-free at homecoming.