Judge drops charges against teen

Published 1:31 am Friday, October 19, 2018

District Court Judge Julie Moody this week ordered charges against an Andalusia teen dropped.

Marteez Wilkerson was charged as an adult on his 18th birthday for alleged participation in a crime that occurred when he was 17.

The Andalusia Police Department previously charged Marteez LeMar Desowne Wilkerson with first degree robbery and fourth degree theft of property in connection with a shooting incident on Oak Street on Aug. 11. According to testimony in a probably cause hearing held Friday, Wilkerson was accused of robbery because his friend, a juvenile, accepted a $20 bill in an alleged drug transaction, handed Wilkerson the $20, then told the would-be purchasers, “It’s took, bro,’ and started shooting. According to police testimony, Wilkerson turned and began walking away.

Later, the three young men who had attempted the drug transaction returned to Oak Street and fired an AR-15, hitting an Oak Street home at least three times, according to testimony heard last week.

Wilkerson was 17 on August 11, but was arrested as an adult on his 18th birthday.

Moody ruled that the state “failed to present sufficient evidence to establish that an offense has been committed or that there is probably cause to believe the defendant committed the offense of Robbery 1st.”

Corey Bryan represented Wilkerson.

Bryan argued in court that the charges against Wilkerson could destroy his life.

“He is a senior in high school, he’s on the football team and he has several scholarships offers,” Bryan said. “You arrest a man for theft of property in the first degree, you could potentially destroy his life.”