Voting deadlines near for elections

Published 1:34 am Friday, October 19, 2018

Members of the Covington County Board of Registrars are hard at work getting voters registered and registrations updated as the Nov. 6 General Election approaches.

The registrars held a voting drive Wednesday at the LBW Community College Campus.

“We have been extremely busy,” Felicia Cope said. “We have been receiving a lot of changes and people coming in to register, as well as having drives to get people to register.”

Cope said that the closer the election is, the more people come in to register.

“I guess that is the good thing about elections, more people coming in to register to vote,” Cope said. “That’s the thing though, we get a lot of activity because more people are interested.”

To register to vote, citizens can go to the Covington County Board of Registrars at 228 Hillcrest Drive, go online at, or print the registration form and mail it to the board of registrars.

“The absentee ballot application deadline is also coming up,” Cope said. “Please make sure to send those in so if you are away from your polling place, you can still vote.”

The application deadline for absentee voters is November 1, and the deadline for hand delivering or mailing absentee ballots is November 5.

All of the Constitutional offices in the state are up for election, which includes governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state auditor and the commissioner of agriculture and industries. Alabama House and Alabama Senate races are on the ballot as well.

Neither Sen. Jimmy Holley nor Rep. Mike Jones – both of whom represent Covington County in Montgomery – had opposition this year. All of the local races on the ballot were decided in the GOP primary.

The only regional race on the November ballot will be the U.S. House of Representatives.