Andy blows past W.S. Neal

Published 12:47 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

By: Josh Frye/Brewton Standard

The Blue Eagles of W.S. Neal fell to the Andalusia Bulldogs on homecoming on Friday night.

With the smell of hamburgers and rain in the air, both teams took to a wet and soggy field.

The Eagles won the toss and elected to receive the ball first but turned it back over to Andalusia on a quick fourth down punt.

Andalusia received the ball and fumbled it almost immediately to WSN.

Andalusia forced Neal to punt away again on their next drive and blocked the punt to take over on great field position at the 30-yard line.

Neal built a brick wall against Andalusia, stopping them dead in their tracks and forcing the ball to be turned over to them but with bad field position, deep in their own zone.

Neal struck first with a huge 68-yard pass to Ezekiel Smith for an Eagle touchdown, bringing the score to 7-0.

This however would be the only points the Eagles would tally against the Bulldogs.

Andalusia and Neal both were plagued by wet field conditions due to rain that moved through the area during pre-game.

Andalusia answered Neal back with a first of many touchdowns at 5:01 of the second quarter from a 30-yard touchdown run by Roosevelt Weaver to even the score 7-7.

WSN took the ball back over and attempted to gain yardage but fell short.

During the drive, Eagle Ezekiel Smith took an ugly dive onto his head and neck as he landed after being hit in mid-air from a Bulldog defender.

Smith returned two plays later to the amazement of everyone inside the Eagle stadium, showing the meaning of true grit.

Andalusia struck once again though with a touchdown run coming from Elijah MCclain to give the Bulldogs the lead 14-7 and to end the first half.

The wet conditions continued to plague both teams during the second half.

Andalusia fumbled on the opening drive of the second half but was able to recover quickly and push field position down into the zone.

Running back, Caleb Smallwood took advantage of that field position, scoring on a two-yard run to run the score to 21-7.

Andalusia then setup a successful onside kick against WSN.

This onside kick allowed Andalusia to be able to drive it in on a 3-yard touchdown run from senior, Gill Morgan, bringing the tally to 28-7 late in the third quarter.

Neal continued to fight back against the offense of Andalusia but was not able to match sideline numbers compared to theirs and would continue to be forced to punt away, despite huge running performances from several team members.

Bulldog freshman Camdyn Stoudemire broke free late in third quarter for a huge run for a touchdown that would be called back from a Bulldog holding call, giving Neal a breath of air.

The Eagles continued to fight against the tough offense of Andalusia but were unable to capitalize on a stop as Bulldog junior, Bry’arious Burnett would catch the ball in for a 16-yard touchdown and 35-7 lead over Neal at the 11:28 mark in the fourth quarter of play.

The offense of WSN took to the field again and fought to gain yardage but were forced to punt away.

Andalusia answered with another touchdown from Elijah McClain at the 9:30 mark of the fourth quarter to bring the lead 42-7.