Nurse practitioner opening new health care office in Opp

Published 3:14 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blissful Healthcare, a new family practice, is coming to Opp thanks to Greenville native Sheena Buckelew.

Nurse practitioner Sheena Buckelew is opening a practice in Opp

Buckelew has lived in Opp since 2008, but has been working in Greenville as a nurse practitioner.

“There are several nurse practitioners in Alabama,” Buckelew said. “But it is pretty unusual to see one have their own practice. You have to find the right physician that will collaborate with you and let you own your own practice.”

She will be collaborating with Dr. Kevin Dial.

Buckelew graduated from Troy University in 2012 with her nurse practitioner degree. She wanted to become a nurse practitioner to fill the gap in family practice.

“I wanted to become a nurse practitioner to help people mainly, but there is a gap in primary care,” Buckelew said. “It takes a little longer for a physician to become a doctor, about two years longer, so there is a gap there in primary care that I wanted to fill.”

Buckelew wanted to bring her practice to Opp after she noticed that there were no other practices that were open on Saturdays or any open after 5 p.m.

“When I saw that nobody was open on Saturdays or after 5 p.m., I knew that I could be the one to bring that to the city of Opp,” Buckelew said. “So we will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m., until 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m., until 1 p.m.”

Blissful Healthcare will also act as a walk-in clinic.

Buckelew said that she is very religious and that the reason she named her practice Blissful Healthcare is because of the joy of the Lord.

Buckelew said that the she is very excited to be bringing her practice to the City of Opp.

“I am ready to take care of the local people that I have been living with since 2008,” Buckelew said. “The people that I shop with, the people that I see on the street. I am very excited.”

Along with being a nurse practitioner, Buckelew also is the music minister at Babbie Baptist Church. She is married to Ty Buckelew, who works at Sonoco Products in Opp and they have two girls.

Blissful Healthcare will be open on November 6.

, and there will be a ribbon cutting on November 5.