Reward offered for info about burglary

Published 1:30 am Friday, October 26, 2018

Covington Metals Company is offering a $500 cash reward to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest of the person who stole an estimated $2,000 worth of material Wednesday night.

Owner Jim Jones said that the person tore down the gate, operated one of their forklifts to load the material into a vehicle and made a mess around the property.

“It has to be somebody who knew what they were doing,” Jones said. “Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to operate the forklift.”

Jones said that the person loaded several pounds of material into two boxes, but lost one of the boxes.

“We know that they loaded two boxes,” Jones said. “But I guess they stopped by a dumpster and dropped off one of the boxes because it was weighing their vehicle down too much or they might have just lost one of the boxes.”

He thinks that the vehicle in question is a pick up truck.

“They would have to use a pickup truck to load all of the material,” Jones said. “But I don’t know for certain.”

Jones filed a police report Wednesday night, but had not heard anything from the police department on Thursday.

He also called all of the surrounding scrapyards just in case the person tried to sell the material.

“I went ahead and called all of the scrapyards,” Jones said. “Just so they can be on the lookout for anybody trying to sell the material.”

If anyone has any information, they can call the Covington Metals office at 334-222-4421.

“They tore up more than they stole,” Jones said. “But we are still offering a $500 cash reward to get this guy.”