Circus headed to town this week

Published 2:23 am Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Florida-based Loomis Bros. Circus will make its way to Andalusia Monday and Tuesday, November 12 and 13, and Director of Business, Media and Talent Relations Erik Scott, wants to be clear about the way the circus treats its animals.

“Everybody always asks the same thing,” Scott said. “But we are regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture.”

Scott said that the Loomis Bros. Circus always exceeds the standards of the usual inspection.

“I like to explain it in terms of a health inspection at a restaurant,” Scott said. “If somebody has a problem with what we are doing, they report it. Then the health inspectors come in and inspect every aspect of what we are doing. In a restaurant, if there are several violations, they get shut down. We have never been shut down.”

Scott said when they do have minor violations, they correct them right on the spot.

“We do not break the rules,” Scott said. “Most of the time, when they come and inspect us, they see that a bolt is loose on a cage or something like that. When that happens we correct that immediately in front of them, but they still have to report it.”

Scott said that each animal is treated with love and kindness at the Loomis Bros. Circus.

“These animals were born in captivity,” Scott said. “If we let them free like some people were suggesting, then they wouldn’t know what to do and they would die. They are used to human interaction. Our elephant trainer has grown up with these elephants and loves each and every one of them.”

Despite what many people think, Scott said that the animals are not forced to perform.

“If a tiger is too dangerous, we aren’t going to make them perform,” Scott said. “We care about our audience and our performers. None of the animals are forced to perform.”

Loomis Bros. Circus is one of America’s last traditional circuses, featuring elephants, tigers, acrobats, clowns, and motorcycle daredevils. This year the circus will feature “Magical Quick Change,” performed by the Matagirov Duo who are from Moscow, Russia.

“We are adding the ‘Magical Quick Change’ this year,” Scott said. “It’s the type of performance that you would see on America’s Got Talent or those types of T.V. shows. The Matagirov Duo will quickly change costumes in split seconds, while they throw confetti in the air, it is pretty amazing.”

The circus is also the only show touring the United States with a full live band, Scott said.

“All of our music is provided by a live band,” Scott said. “It is a show all in itself because they have to really know what they are doing. They aren’t just playing songs, they are playing real circus music and hitting symbols on cue. It can’t just be anybody that is in the band, they have to know what they are doing and be good at it.”

Scott said that the hit summer blockbuster, “The Greatest Showman” has caused a resurgence of interest in circuses.

“We are seeing little kids dressing up as ‘The Greatest Showman’ characters and in circus attire,” Scott said. “It really has brought interest in the circus again. If you love that movie then you will really love our show. We have a singing ringmaster, all of the acrobats, clowns, animals and fun that you can imagine.”

Full priced admission to Loomis Bros. Circus is $20 for adults and $8 for children ages two to 12. Coupons for “Free Kids Tickets” are available at many businesses throughout Covington County. These coupons, along with additional offers, can be found on the show’s Facebook page,

Tickets can be purchased in advance online by credit or debit card at or at the circus box office on the day of the show.

Showtimes are 4:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m., on November 12 and 13, at the Kiwanis Community Center.

“The circus is deep seeded in American history and is as much of an American tradition as baseball and apple pie.” Producer Justin Loomis said. “Every child deserves a chance to see the circus. It’s a truly magical place where you can get lost just for a little while.”

and forget about your troubles, a place where even the adults get to feel like a kid again. Don’t miss what could be your last chance to see this living treasure known as circus.”