Thursday sales event benefits ballet

Published 3:05 am Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Christopher’s donating 25% of sales

Christopher’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry is teaming up with the Andalusia Ballet to hold the first ever Diamonds for Dancers to raise money for the ballet.

Donna Lawrence from Christopher’s said that she learned about the idea after seeing a jewelry store in the north part of the country hosting a similar event.

“I heard about a couple of stores in the north doing it,” Lawrence said. “And thought that it would be a great event for us to do here.”

The senior company of the Andalusia Ballet will be in attendance helping sell the jewelry.

Lawrence hopes that people will take advantage of the opportunity to start holiday shopping.

“I hope people will use this opportunity to start holiday shopping,” Lawrence said. “We are going to be open after hours so it will give husbands and wives a chance to come together and look at our merchandise. Everything will be tax deductible because technically you will be donating some of your money, so that is another good reason to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Christopher’s will take 25 percent of the total sales of the night and donate all of it back to Andalusia Ballet.

“I think this is a great way to support our local ballet,” Lawrence said. “All of the jewelry, watches and gifts sold will go to the total sales that we will take 25 percent from.”

Lawrence said that they are treating this night as an open house because they usually do not have one.

“We usually don’t have an open house,” Lawrence said. “So it is a good opportunity to showcase what we have this season. Town and Country will also have their open house the same night during the same hours, so it will be a great night for people to get some holiday shopping done.”

Andalusia Ballet director Meryane Murphy said that the ballet is so grateful for the generosity of Christopher’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.

“They have been loyal supporters of our efforts to bring the art of dance to our community for many years,” Murphy said. “We hope that the community will take this opportunity to show their support for the Ballet this Thursday evening by shopping at Christopher’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.”

Diamonds for Dancers will be Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6 p.m., until 8 p.m.