Covington Quilt Show continues today in Opp

Published 2:50 am Saturday, November 17, 2018

Quilting is no longer just for grandmas, Sharon Hopkins, founder of the Covington County Quilt Show, said.

Instead, it’s a hobby that ties people together.

“We have a great group of ladies that work hard and learn from each other,” Hopkins said. “It used to be that grandma and great grandma were the ones who quilted, now a days people do it to express themselves. It is all about creativity.”

Hopkins said that a lot of quilts are used as heirlooms.

“You want to keep warm with them, but that is not the only reason for a quilt,” Hopkins said. “We want to give our families something that we created, something that comes from us. My goal next year is to make four quilts for my grandchildren. Then they can pass it on to their grandchildren and so forth.”

Quilting brings a lot of people together, Hopkins said, and that is the best part of the Quilt Show.

“The camaraderie of the quilt show is what makes it so great,” Hopkins said. “Being able to see your friends work and see what they have accomplished is so amazing. Sure it’s fun to get a ribbon, but most people make the quilts because they enjoy it. Here’s my theory, ‘Finished is better than perfect,’ it’s ok if it’s not perfect when you finish, at least you had fun while doing it.”

Hopkins said that an interesting thing about guild is the diversity of quilt choices between the members.

“Some people like to stay in an traditional lane,” Hopkins said. “With very traditional patterns and colors. Then there are people that think outside the box and get crazy colors and interesting patterns. Both are so great. I think whatever sparks your creativity is what makes a great quilt.”

The Covington County Quilt contest had 129 quilts submitted and were judged across 13 categories including, hand quilted, professional quilted long arms, professional quilted long arm with computer, quilted with long arm home, quilted with domestic home, hand appliqued, machine appliqued, original design, miniature quilt contest, collaborative quilts, challenge quilt, novelty quilt with fun fabric or design and miscellaneous items such as totes, pillows or wearable.