Rules change for roofers in ‘19

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 22, 2018

Permitting to install roofing for residential contractors and roofing contractors are being affected by a new rule that was adopted by Alabama Home Builders Association that went into effect May 1, 2018.

“The law has been in effect since May 1, but we are going to really start enforcing it Jan., 1,” Andalusia building inspector Richard Moore said. “That gives people at least a month to know.”

Only those with current Home Builders Licenses are exempt from the law.

“The state didn’t really specify exactly why they are enforcing this law,” Moore said. “But more than likely it’s because a lot of people out in the different counties are getting unlicensed contractors to do their roofing. So they are trying to make sure higher qualified people are doing the work.”

Moore said that there were four sections in the law that was changed:

• The definition of residential homebuilder now includes, “a residential roofer when the cost of the undertaking exceeds $2,500.” (Ala. Code 34-14A-2(11))

• An “improvement” definition. (Ala. Code 34-14A-2 (4))

• A “structure” definition. (Ala. Code 34-14A-2 (13))

• Homeowner exemption is not transferable. (Ala. Code 34-14A-6 (e))

“The first section means if any contractor who is installing a roof on a residence and the cost exceeds $2,500, then that contractor will have to apply for a Roofer’s Licenses from Alabama’s Home Builder’s Licensure Board at a cost of $250,” Moore said. “And a $10,000 performance bond naming the board as obligee.”

According to the Alabama Home Builder’s Licensure Board, the roofer’s license allows the license holder to perform only residential roofing and does not require a written examination testing experience and ability.

“This is completely the state board that made these changes to the law,” Moore said. “The City of Andalusia did not make these changes, we just have to enforce them.”

For more information on the new law change, stop by the Andalusia City Hall at the permitting office and speak with Moore.