8 arrested for failure to pay child support

Published 1:25 am Thursday, December 6, 2018

On Tuesday, the Covington County District Attorney’s Office conducted a warrant roundup resulting in the arrest of eight people for failing to appear for child support court and four others for various types of outstanding warrants. District Attorney Walt Merrell organized the effort which was led by District Attorney Investigator Doug Hattaway and Child Support Unit Coordinator Jeff Sellers.

Sellers said, “The hard work of Investigator Hattaway and his team of local law enforcement officers led to the collection of $4,465.00 in delinquent court ordered child support. The impact of this roundup is particularly important with Christmas being just around the corner and will hopefully compel others with outstanding warrants to address their situation with Christmas in mind.”

Sellers added, “I encourage those who have an outstanding warrant to contact my office at (334) 427-7956 so we can determine what needs to be done to have that warrant recalled. We don’t want you in jail. We want you working so that you can provide for your families and meet the obligations to your children.”

Hattaway emphasized that despite Tuesday’s success, efforts to collect delinquent child support are a long way from being finished. “Our mentality is that every day is roundup day and we will not stop our work until every delinquent child support obligation is met.”