Only 3 car burglaries reported

Published 1:23 am Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Chief urges caution with packages

Only three car burglaries have been reported in the City of Andalusia this month, but Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson warns that people need to cautious during the holiday season.

“It usually gets worse this time of year,” Hudson said. “We haven’t had too many reported, but we continuously are trying to investigate.”

Hudson said that a lot of people are shopping during this time of year, leaving packages in their vehicles, and tempting would-be burglars.

“People will be tempted if they see something in your car,” Hudson said. “Especially during this holiday season when people are shopping a lot.”

Make sure that all valuables are placed out of sight or brought in the house, Hudson said.

“When you go shopping and get back to your house, make sure that you put everything out of sight in your car,” Hudson said. “Or bring your valuables inside your home with you. Always make sure to lock your car and your house when you go shopping and when you get back to your home.”

Hudson advises citizens to file reports as soon as they suspect that their car or home has been broken into.

“If you are a victim, please file a report,” Hudson said. “Don’t post it to Facebook because we can’t investigate that. We can’t do anything if it isn’t reported.”