Florala purchasing property adjacent to old city school

Published 12:25 am Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Covington County Board of Education on Tuesday accepted the City of Florala’s offer to purchase the Vaitis Building property for $40,000.

Florala Mayor Terry Holley said that the building will be used for an economic development project, but will announce the full details on the project later.

“We gave a proposal to the board and we should be moving rather quickly on this project,” Holley said. “We are very excited to announce the project though.”

The Vaitis Building was part of the old Florala City School district and Covington County Superintendent Shannon Driver said that with the sale of this property, the city will have ownership of the entire old Florala City School campus.

“It was a good building and it served its purpose,” Driver said. “Now the city has ownership of the entire old Florala City School buildings.”