Caring for people led her to nursing

Published 1:56 am Friday, December 14, 2018

Straughn High School alumna Kendall Craig’s dreams became reality when she was pinned as a licensed practical nurse yesterday at LBW Community College.

She had not always wanted to become a nurse, but she was always compassionate toward people.

“Back in high school I really didn’t know what I wanted to become when I grew up,” Craig said. “All I knew was that I cared for people, so nursing is what came to mind when I started thinking about a career.”

Craig has been a student at LBW Community College for two years, and she said that the hardest part of the program was the constant studying.

“I would say making myself study was the hardest part of getting my LPN,” Craig said. “But I kept on pushing myself because I really wanted to continue to learn.”

She said that there wasn’t a specific experience in her life that inspired her to become a nurse, but a lot of little moments.

“I didn’t really have a specific experience,” Craig said. “But seeing several family members in the hospital and having nurses caring for them really played a big role.”

The best thing about the LPN program at LBW, according to Craig, is the comments from her patients.

“It is the best thing whenever patients say that I am doing a great job,” Craig said. “It reassures me that I’m doing the right thing.”

For prospective students considering the LPN program, Craig said that it is 110 percent worth it.

“Most of the time it is going to be hard, don’t get me wrong,” Craig said. “You will spend almost all of your time studying, but when you finish it will be 110 percent worth it.”

Craig said that her classmates have become more like family after going through the program.

“To begin with we didn’t really know each other,” Craig said. “But after that second and third week we all realized that we were going through the same thing together. So we started studying together and hanging out with each other. We are basically like family now.”

Craig plans to continue her nursing education at LBW and obtain her registered nurse certification while she is working.

She is the daughter of Kenny and Kristina Craig.