Published 9:10 am Friday, December 21, 2018

Cooks in midst of busiest season

The “elves” who bake cakes at Dean’s Cake House are their busiest at this time of year, when people buy the famous seven-layer cakes as gifts, and for their own celebrations.

The seven-layer chocolate cake is the most popular in the Christmas season, Vickie Stallings said. Stallings is the daughter of business founder and owner Mrs. Dean Jacobs.

“It seems like every year the work increases,” Stallings said. “We are extremely busy during this time of the year. Our busy season is usually right after Thanksgiving until the end of Christmas.”

Stallings said that customers usually buy their 7-layer chocolate cake for their Christmas gifts or Christmas get-togethers.

“It is without a doubt that people love the 7-layer chocolate cake,” Stallings said. “That is what people usually come and get.”

Stallings said that she usually works during the holidays and that the best part of working throughout the holiday is the people that she gets to serve.

“It is really amazing to see how many people enjoy our cakes,” Stallings said. “There are so many people that are so glad that we are open during the holidays.”

She said that some people don’t even bake anymore because of their cakes.

“Some customers say that they have saved them from having to bake during the holidays,” Stallings said. “That they wouldn’t know what to do without us if we closed down.”

During the holiday season, the ladies in the back are hard at work trying to pump cakes out for hungry customers, but Stallings said that they are always in good spirits, especially on Fridays, when they dress as elves.

“They are always happy to work,” Stallings said. “They know that they have to work harder during the Christmas season so they really step up.”

Dean’s Cake House will be open Saturday, Dec. 22, until noon; Monday, Christmas Eve., until 2 p.m.; and closed on Christmas Day.