Looking back: Glory! Mouse in green beans got most views

Published 2:56 am Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The most-viewed story on The Star-News’ website in 2018 was our December 14 reporting that LBW instructor Kristy White had found a well-preserved mouse in the a can of Italian green beans.

“I’m so not a cook like my mother, so when I saw pink, at first I thought it was seasoned with ham,” she said. “But then I saw the ‘ham’ had arms and legs!”

White reported the incident to the consumer helpline for Glory Foods. To date, they’ve offered her a voucher … wait for it …. more green beans. As of Sunday, she had not received it.

Meanwhile, on Friday, a Northport woman, Michelle Bentley, reported having found a snake in a can of Glory brand green beans with potatoes.

And Star-News sports editor Josh Dutton quipped, “Maybe they got the snake to help with the mouse problem.”

Glory Foods is owned by McCall Farms, which is headquartered in Effingham, S.C.