Window fix for pressbox estimated at $25K to $69K

Published 2:23 am Friday, January 4, 2019

Andalusia Board of Education members said Thursday they want more information before making a decision about replacing windows in the not-quite-finished new pressbox at the Andalusia High School stadium.

At present, the windows in the pressbox are much like household windows that open, Superintendent Ted Watson said. The problem is that the frames of those windows inhibit the view, especially in the center part of the pressbox reserved for filming.

Watson said when the meeting to determine what glass would be used in the windows, the goal was to keep expenses for the stadium and auditorium projects to $8 million, and also to be able to open the windows to let in sound and air.

As a result, the design was drawn with slide-up windows. Now, the board has to decide if they can be satisfied with those.

Options presented included:

• Removing current windows and replacing with “store front” glass. The project would take five to seven weeks and cost $25,495.

• Removing current windows, replacing center (filming) windows with a Nanawall (accordion folding) window, and side windows with store front glass. Project would take nine to 12 weeks, and cost $1,005.

• Removing current windows, installing all Nanawall (accordion folding) windows. Project would take 10 to 15 weeks, and cost $69,128.

Watson said that Brian Way of Wyatt Sasser Construction has found someone to purchase the existing windows, which will defray approximately $10,000 of the costs.

Board member David McCalman, who volunteers with WAAO to broadcast AHS football games, explained that increasingly, the Alabama  High School Athletic Association will broadcast games of the week. “They will go to the places in terms of room and technology that can accommodate them,” he said. “What you’ve got now is room for a camera for our video people and a camera for our high school people. Then, if you bring somebody else, we’ve built a pressbox to accommodate only one camera view.”

AHSAA will require open air, and room for their own broadcast people, he said.

Roof access also will be available, Watson said.

Board members asked for an architectural rendering of the pressbox with each option.